Andy Dixon of Dixon Driving in Bourenmouth

  • Well done to Alana Kemp

    That's 3 happy faces in 3days!! 
    Well done to Alana Kemp for passing 1st time with only 4minors. She always had her doubts but we did it!!

Rachel, 1st attempt PASS

Rachel Sawyer stopped the rain and passed her test on her today, with just 2 minor faults. The steering wheel, the road and the light sabre is yours now Rachel; your Jedi training is complete. Stay safe


Robin Sibbick has that Friday feeling

Robin Sibbick has that Friday feeling!!! it only took him 2years, with lessons on and off, getting married in between, baby now on the way(you know how it is). He got there in the end. Congratulations Robin, and good luck with the baby

  • Claire Lawson!! Zero faults PASS

    What a result for Claire Lawson!! Zero faults on an 'extended' 90min driving test, not one glitch, one minor, one bad mark.....she's better than me at driving now. You are a shining light on the roads now Claire. Congrats!! Enjoyed teaching you and having a laugh too