Andy Dixon of Dixon Driving in Bourenmouth

  • Congrats to young Pastor Rob

    Big congrats to young Pastor Rob for passing 1st time today. I'm actually going to miss teaching you young fella. Thank you for the enlightenment along the way.

Navy man Dan

A great drive from Navy man Dan. Just 2 minors driving his own car. Congratulations Dan, you can conquer the seas and the roads now.

Robin Sibbick has that Friday feeling

Robin Sibbick has that Friday feeling!!! it only took him 2years, with lessons on and off, getting married in between, baby now on the way(you know how it is). He got there in the end. Congratulations Robin, and good luck with the baby

  • 2hr refresher course

    This man has made his forthcoming birthday weekend even better for passing his test with just a 2hr refresher course. Well done Steve, enjoy your skydive on Sunday.